Beach Injuries


Beach injuries-are a common occurance when visiting a shore community.  The ocean is not just for swimming!  We boast a number of different sport fish that bring fishermen and women to our shores.  With that, comes the reality that there are often hooks that are lost in the surf.  A fishhook stick is never fun.  While it is painful, it is not an emergency and we suggest that in order to have it removed, visit one of our local doctors, or an Urgent Care to have it removed.  They see many of these ever year and  and are well equipped to remove them.                                                                                                                                                                                    



Jellyfish Stings-the following information guide will help you through a jellyfish sting.




Heat Related Illnesses– Summer is here!  Heat related illnesses happen everyday and can be life threatening. Know when and when not to call for aid.